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Respirační polomaska nové generace. Pohodlná na nošení, dokonale těsnící, nenáročná na manipulaci i údržbu. Určeno pro použití ve zdravotnictví a rizikovém prostředí.

S filtrem Respira Nano Perfection P3 certifikovaný záchyt až 99,99 % (radioaktivní částice, prach, hrubé nečistoty, jedovaté kapalné i pevné aerosoly, bakterie, viry). Účinnost dokonce vyšší než u běžných respirátorů třídy FFP3.

Při použití filtru Respira Nano Perfection P2 je zajištěna ochrana uživatele i jeho okolí – dochází k filtraci jak vdechovaného, tak vydechovaného proudu vzduchu bez výdechových ventilů. Oproti konkurenčním produktům až dvojnásobná životnost. Certifikovaný záchyt částic v rozsahu velikostí 0,02 až 2 μm (prach, hrubé nečistoty, nebezpečné pevné i kapalné částice, bakterie, viry) až 99 %. Účinnost dokonce vyšší než u běžných respirátorů třídy FFP3.

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The most effective respiratory protection system yet with certified capture of more than 99.99% (when using the Respira Perfection filter, efficiency class P3)
The shape of the half mask guarantees perfect tightness at the interface of the flexible part of the half mask and the face.
Nanofiber and layered particulate filter materials ensure the filtration of solid particles, liquid and solid aerosols and microorganisms. It thus protects against a wide range of harmful and dangerous contaminants, and even against radioactive particles when using the Respira Perfection P3 filter.
The system is characterized by easy and intuitive operation, the filter can be changed in a few seconds with one hand and without the need to remove the mask from the face.
The unique design solution combines an inhale and exhalation opening. This, among other advantages, also ensures partial regeneration of the filter medium, which significantly extends the life of the filters (up to twice).

The facial part of the mask is made of special silicone, which meets the strictest requirements for use in healthcare. It is characterized by high chemical resistance (it is not damaged by contact with chemicals), minimal tendency to permanent deformations and extreme resistance to aging.

The Respira Compact respirator can be stored folded in a small package. It does not lose its flexibility even with long-term use, after unpacking it gets its original shape and is immediately ready for use. The life of the mask is significantly longer compared to existing products on the market.

The Nanologix Respira system was developed in Czech laboratories in cooperation with the Technical University of Liberec, and has already been included in the equipment of, for example, the Czech Army, medical and scientific facilities or components of the integrated rescue system.

Nano Perfection P2 – capture 99% (dust, coarse dirt, dangerous solid and liquid particles, bacteria)
Nano Perfection P3 – capture 99.99% (dust, coarse dirt, dangerous liquid and solid aerosols, bacteria, viruses, radioactive particles)

Nanologix Respira Compact half masks have been tested at the Nelson Laboratories Research Institute. The manufacturer, Nanologix Corporation s.r.o. is a member of the Association of the Nano-Technological Industry.

The half mask in conjunction with the appropriate replaceable filters meets the basic safety requirements of the standards:

ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2016
ČSN EN ISO 14001: 2016
EN 1827 + A1: 2009 FM P3 R D
EN 1827 + A1: 2009 FM P2 R D
EN 143: 2000 / A1: 2006 P3 R
EN 143: 2000 / A1: 2006 P2 R
CE1024 marking

Is it possible to sterilize the Nanologix Respira Compact half mask?
The half mask itself is made of durable medical silicone with a long life, and can therefore be disinfected and sterilized without damaging it. As part of routine maintenance, we recommend sterilizing the half mask with alcohol-based cleaners. Replacement filters can only be sterilized using special procedures – UV, ozone, immersion in an alcohol disinfection bath or spraying, but the filter material must be completely dried before further use. The half mask and filters can also be heat sterilized (up to 80 degrees). However, unprofessional sterilization may damage the nanofiber material and reduce its effectiveness, so we do not recommend sterilizing the filters at home and cannot be covered by the warranty.
What is the service life of Nanologix Respira filters?
The service life of the filters varies individually depending on the type and degree of contamination of the environment in which the half mask is used. In a slightly polluted environment, the filter can be used repeatedly for up to 30 days, subject to the principles of hygienic handling, and the user usually recognizes this moment by the fact that it will be more difficult for him to breathe in the mask. On the contrary, in a hazardous environment (in case of contact with dangerous viruses or substances), we recommend changing the filter as a prevention at least once a day. In the area of ​​heavy industry, the declared service life of the filter is 1 work shift, for doctors and rescue services it is 1 work shift, or until the moment of contamination.
Is Nanologix half mask suitable for children?
Nanologix half mask was designed for professional use and is therefore intended for adults. It is not suitable for children and will probably not seal enough.
Does the Nanologix Respira half mask protect against coronavirus?
Yes, when used in combination with appropriate replaceable filters. The filters of the Nano Perfection P2 series guarantee 99% capture and, thanks to a special construction without an exhalation valve, the wearer and his surroundings are protected (it is no longer necessary to wear a veil over the respirator). Perfection P3 series filters ensure capture of up to 99.99% and guarantee reliable protection even in high-risk environments, such as in contact with an infectious person.
Is it necessary to wear a veil over the Respira half mask?
In combination with the Nano Perfection P2 filter, this is not necessary, thanks to the special construction of the filter without the exhalation valve, the exhaled air is also filtered.

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