About us

Our vision

Our company Czech & Slovak Technologies s.r.o. continues the long, successful tradition of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

That is why we focus mainly on representing high-quality products of mechanical, medical and chemical engineering. The main part of our portfolio comes from cooperation with our sister companies and local universities specializing in research and development.

We consider us to be a leading company in the business of hi-tech improvement and the protection of people's lives.

Providing solutions for government organizations in any form of rescuers – armed forces, police, firefighters and paramedics, paramedics, medical, biological, radiobiological and nuclear personnel. As well as for private companies in places where people's health and lives need to be protected and protected.

Naše hotnoty

Clean water, quality air and human health

What we are interested in

Water purification

Providing a wide range of production and supply solutions for the water industry.

Acquisition of new technologies

Help in development and innovation.

Air filters

We act as a sales representative and are involved in research and development in the field of breathing apparatus.

Penetration of new markets

Providing opportunities for the expansion of private and government enterprises.

Personal protection

Offer exclusive products for many types of contaminated environment.

Sustainable development

We focus on creating long-term, sustainable partnerships.


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